Middle Manager in South Africa

Calling all middle managers in South Africa! Join us for an insightful discussion tailored specifically to your role and responsibilities. As a middle manager, you play a crucial role in translating organizational goals into actionable plans and ensuring the efficient execution of strategies.

In this interactive session, we’ll explore the unique challenges and opportunities facing middle managers in South Africa. From leading teams and managing projects to communicating effectively with senior leadership and driving performance, we’ll cover the essential skills and competencies needed to excel in your role.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understanding the Role of a Middle Manager:
    Gain clarity on the responsibilities and expectations associated with the middle management role and its importance in organizational success.
  2. Effective Leadership and Team Management:
    Learn strategies for effective leadership and team management, including motivating teams, resolving conflicts, and fostering collaboration.
  3. Strategic Planning and Decision-Making:
    Explore techniques for strategic planning and decision-making, including analyzing data, setting priorities, and evaluating alternatives.
  4. Communication and Influence:
    Discover how to communicate effectively with senior leadership, influence stakeholders, and advocate for resources and support.
  5. Performance Management and Accountability:
    Learn how to set clear performance expectations, provide constructive feedback, and hold team members accountable for results.
  6. Change Management:
    Understand the principles of change management and how to navigate organizational change effectively while minimizing resistance and disruption.
  7. Building Relationships and Networks:
    Explore strategies for building relationships and networks within and outside the organization to enhance collaboration and support.
  8. Continuous Learning and Development:
    Discover the importance of continuous learning and development for middle managers and how to stay updated on industry trends and best practices.
  9. Work-Life Integration:
    Discuss strategies for achieving work-life integration as a middle manager, including managing stress, prioritizing tasks, and setting boundaries.
  10. Driving Organizational Performance:
    Learn how to align team goals with organizational objectives and drive performance through effective planning, execution, and evaluation.

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Duration: 90 minutes

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