Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions Corporate Talk in South Africa

Welcome to our Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions Corporate Talk in South Africa! Join us for an insightful discussion on effective strategies for managing and diffusing anger and negative emotions in the workplace. Learn practical techniques for promoting emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive work environment.

In this talk, we’ll explore the impact of anger and negative emotions on individual and team performance, as well as strategies for addressing and resolving conflicts constructively. Whether you’re a manager, team leader, or employee, developing skills to manage emotions can contribute to a harmonious and productive work environment.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Understanding Anger and Negative Emotions:
    Gain insights into the nature of anger and negative emotions and their impact on individual and team performance.
  2. Developing Emotional Intelligence:
    Learn strategies for enhancing emotional intelligence and self-awareness to manage emotions effectively.
  3. Recognising Triggers and Warning Signs:
    Identify common triggers and warning signs of anger and negative emotions in yourself and others.
  4. Practising Self-Regulation:
    Discover techniques for self-regulation and managing emotions in challenging situations.
  5. Communicating Effectively:
    Learn how to communicate assertively and constructively to express emotions and resolve conflicts.
  6. Empathy and Understanding:
    Cultivate empathy and understanding towards others’ perspectives and emotions to build rapport and trust.
  7. Resolving Conflicts:
    Explore conflict resolution techniques and strategies for addressing conflicts in a positive and productive manner.
  8. Promoting a Positive Work Environment:
    Learn how to foster a culture of respect, trust, and open communication to mitigate anger and negative emotions.
  9. Seeking Support and Resources:
    Understand the importance of seeking support and accessing resources for managing emotions and resolving conflicts.
  10. Continual Learning and Growth:
    Explore ways to continually develop and refine your emotional management skills for personal and professional growth.

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Duration: 60 minutes

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